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You can upload files relating to the property or tenancy that can be accessible by tenants and owners. On your File Manager dashboard, click the Upload file button in the top right corner of the page.

  1. Select the file you want to upload.

  2. Once uploaded, the file type, where it's linked to, and the expiry date (if needed) must be set.

  • Multiple files - If you upload multiple files of the same type, you can set the type for them at the same time.

    • Select multiple files from the dashboard.

    • Click the Set file type button and select the file type.

    • When the file type is selected, you'll be shown who the file will be visible to.

  • Individual file  

    • Click the file to view it.

    • Set the file type -  Additional actions may be available depending on the file type set, such as the property or room the file should be linked to.