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You can share certain files that you upload to the File Manager with prospective tenants before they sign a tenancy contract for a property. The files are included in the initial contract to sign email along with the How to Rent guide.

On the File Manager, the file must be:

  • Linked at the portfolio or property or room level 

  • Set to be visible to tenants  

Requirements to use:

  • Active Business or Enterprise Concurrent plan for custom file types and pre-defined file types

  • Active Pro Concurrent plan for pre-defined file types only

Tenants have the option to download the files directly from the email. After a file is first downloaded from the email, it will remain downloadable for 15 minutes.

When a tenant downloads a file, you’ll see the action in the tenancy audit log.

Tenants can also view and download these files from their account at any time.